Aug. 15, 2017
UNIFOSA supporting SEAGATE SkyHawk™ Surveillance 10TB HDDs
【Taipei,AUG. 15th, 2017】 UNIFOSA CORP. proudly announces our enterprise-class storage solutions now support SEAGATE SkyHawk™ surveillance 10TB HDDs, which are specially designed for always-on recording in harsh environments, to satisfy the increasing demand for surveillance solutions.
To meet the constantly growing storage demands of the video surveillance market, Unifosa storage solutions with SEAGATE SkyHawk™ surveillance 10TB HDDs offer the highest capacity, most reliable, and 24x7 workloads for DVRs and NVRs. With a full range of NAS, DAS and JBOD storage systems, either 6Gb/s SATA or 12Gb/s SAS interface, Unifosa storage solutions can enable integrations into high performance applications easily. In addition, they are quite suitable for surveillance data centers, where energy saving, density, reliability and less temperature are crucial nowadays. UNIFOSA’s storage solutions provide sufficient storage capacity to deliver superior performance and efficiency for security systems, especially in higher video stream count environments. It comes with great mechanical design to ensure no-single-point-of-failure from storage while provides an easy solution to scale up storage capacity up to petabytes and can easily be integrated into versatile applications. The following models are compatible with SEAGATE SkyHawk Surveillance 10TB HDD:

NAS: 2U 8-Bay (EN-2800S6T-CM), 2U 12-Bay (EN-2126JSCT-SQX) and 3U 16-Bay (EN-3166JSCT-SQX)
DAS: 2U 12-Bay (EP-2123S2/D2-SCSC & EP-2123S2/D2-FGSC) , 2U 24-Bay (EP-2243S2/D2-SCSC & EP-2243S2/D2-FGSC) and 3U 16-Bay (EP-3163S2/D2-SCSC & EP-3163S2/D2-FGSC).
JBOD: 2U 12-Bay (EP-2126J1/JD1-SCSC), 2U 24-Bay (EP-2246J/JD-SCSC), 3U 16-Bay (EP-3166J1/JD1-SCSC) and 4U 24-Bay (EP-4246J/JD-SCSC)

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