Applied Model:EP-2123/EP-2243/EP-3163/EP-4423/EP-4643 Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D-G1S3/EP-3164D1-G1S3/EP-2124D1-G1S3/EP-3164D1-G1S6/EP-2124D1-G1S6 Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D1-GAS3/EP-2124D1-GAS3 Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D1-GAS6/EP-2124D1-GAS6 Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D2-G1S6 Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D2-GAS6 Series+
Applied Model:EP-2126J-S6S6/EP-3166J-S6S6/EP-2126J1_JD1-S6S6/EP-2246J_JD-S6S6/EP-3166J1_JD1-S6S6/EP-4806J_JD-S6S6/EP-2246J_JD-SCSC/EP-3166J1_JD1-SCSC/EP-4246J_D-SCSC Series+
Applied Model:EP-3164D1-F8S6 / EP-2124D1-F8S6 Series+
Applied Model:EN-2126JSCB-SQX 10GbE / EN-3166JSCB-SQX 10GbE / EN-3166JSCB-RQX 10GbE / EN-4246JSCB-SQX 10GbE / EN-4246JSCB-RQX 10GbE+


The compatibility test may only t ake a few hours up to a few days, so it would not be possible to tell the quality or reliability of a 3rd party device from the compatibility test. Therefore, Proware does not hold the responsibility for the quality, reliability or other issues of the device listed above. Also, if you have any information or any udpate subject to the compatible list, please contact us.
If you have any technical questions regarding your system, please contact your local supplier first for troubleshooting advice. We surly believe that they will provide the latest information and prompt support or you can contact technical support of Proware as below.
Technical Line:+886-2-2914-8001# 2304