Feb. 24, 2020
UNIFOSA provides a variety of 10GbE Unified Storage Solutions
【Taipei, Taiwan, February 24, 2020】 UNIFOSA CORP. announced the release of 10GbE Built-in NAS, including 2U 12Bay EN-2126JSCB-SQX 10GbE , 3U 16Bay EN-3166JSCB-SQX 10GbE、EN-3166JSCB-RQX 10GbE, and 4U 24Bay EN-4246JSCB-SQX 10GbE、EN-4246JSCB-RQX 10GbE...
Oct. 22, 2019
EP-2123-CA supports multiple host interfaces
【Taipei, Oct. 22nd , 2019】 UNIFOSA CORP. has added EP-2123-CA external RAID to its family of combo storage solutions. The EP-2123-CA supports multiple host interfaces; eSATA lll, iSCSI or USB 3.0 that can work with different application requirement...
Jun. 12, 2019
UNIFOSA Introduces 2nd generation 4U 64-bay storage solutions
【Taipei, Jun. 12th , 2019】UNIFOSA CORP. has launched their 2nd generation of high density massive capacity “EP-4643” Storage System, EP-4643S2/D2-FGSC and EP-4643S2/D2-SCSC, complete with support for the standard 12 Gb/s SAS interface on drive sides to speed up data transfers. For capacity expansion and scalability, there is high density 4U 64-bay JBOD EP-4646JD-SCSC for option...