Feb. 24, 2020
UNIFOSA provides a variety of 10GbE Unified Storage Solutions
Comprehensive NAS Solutions meet the storage requirements for Enterprise and SMB Users
【Taipei, Taiwan, February 24, 2020】 UNIFOSA CORP. announced the release of 10GbE Built-in NAS, including 2U 12Bay EN-2126JSCB-SQX 10GbE , 3U 16Bay EN-3166JSCB-SQX 10GbEEN-3166JSCB-RQX 10GbE, and 4U 24Bay EN-4246JSCB-SQX 10GbEEN-4246JSCB-RQX 10GbE, which integrated hardware and software solutions that dramatically simplifies the deployment and management of storage systems. UNIFOSA provides a range of NAS with both built-in and optional 10GbE connectivity, delivering efficient and feature-rich file and block operation and providing future-proof features to meet evolving demands of customers.
The NAS systems in the EN-xxx6JSCB-SQX 10GbE series includes models with 12, 16, and 24 drive bays, features powerful Intel® Xeon® E Processor and ECC Memory for high performance and reliability. Moreover, by supporting 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, the EN-xxx6JSCB-RQX 10GbE series provides the ability to boost performance and create a scalable working environment for high-speed file sharing and collaboration. These processors come equipped with ECC technology, which automatically detects and repairs single-bit errors without any need for user intervention.
Features such as advanced data protection and efficient storage utilization ensure the fast 12Gb SAS NAS series can meet the demands for backup, surveillance, and many other applications. Those features include RAID level 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 for data protection, SSD caching to speed up data access, thin provisioning, compression and deduplication for greater storage space utilization and efficiency. With 10GbE, data transfer performance can be greatly boosted for faster and more efficient tasks.
About Proware by UNIFOSA
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