June. 05, 2017
UNIFOSA Releases new s/w for Samba Vulnerability
【Taipei,June. 5th , 2017】 The Samba Team has disclosed a vulnerability in their software, CVE-2017-7494 allows remote authenticated users to upload a shared library to a writable shared folder, and perform code execution attacks to take control of servers that host vulnerable Samba services. UNIFOSA CORP. has released nas-3.1.02-SP2 to address this issue. UNIFOSA recommends that users update their units which are with s/w 3.1.x to the latest version s/w nas-3.1.02-SP2.
Here are UNIFOSA NAS series, you may see more product detail information from our website.
Tower 5Bay DN-500A6T-CQC, 1U 4Bay EN-1400A6T-CQC, 2U 8Bay EN-2800S6T-CM, 2U 12Bay EN-2120A6T-PDC, 3U 16Bay EN-3160A6T-PDC and high performance 2U 12Bay EN-2126JS6T-SQX and EN-2126JSCT-SQX , and 3U 16Bay EN-3166JS6T-SQX, EN-3166JSCT-SQX, EN-3166JS6T-RQX and EN-3166JSCT-RQX.

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