UNIFOSA 12Gb SAS Enterprise NAS, enabling a high-availability, affordable unified storage system for SMB
UNIFOSA introduces 12Gb SAS rackmount NAS, which offers optimized performance, complete data protection, and efficient storage utilization based on an easy-to-use centralized management interface for business users. This Unified storage architecture allows file and block access in one. There are various host interface such as 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet, 8Gb/s Fiber channel, or 16Gb/s Fiber channel for options, so it’s very flexible for users to adopt the necessary interface to meet their specific application requirements. Besides, there are 12Gb SAS JBODs for options as well in order to scale up the total capacity; users can expand total capacity up to 128 drives, or over 1PB, via SAS JBODs.
The 12G SAS NAS based on latest proNAS 3.1 operating system. Except for basic NAS functions, it supports a variety of advanced storage management and application features such as VAAI, HA, Thin-Provisioning, etc, and it can be deployed easily in any IT environment since it supports multiple interfaces for different host server and clients.

The 12G SAS NAS Series has Three Models Available.
2U 12BAY 3U 16BAY
proware-2u12bays-storage proware-nas-3u16bays-storage

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