Jun. 30, 2016
UNIFOSA proNAS 3.1 Enhances HA supporting
【Taipei,June 30th, 2016】UNIFOSA CORP.announced that proNAS 3.1 series enhances HA (High Availability) cluster function. It provides a solution for business continuity with real time, continuous data replication and synchronization, which ensures if one NAS server/node is unavailable due to failure or maintenance-related downtime, the remaining NAS server/node can still provide all the services to client computers.
With advanced cluster technology and excellent subsystem design, Unifosa proNAS 3.1 series is capable of providing HA protection by facilitating failover function between nodes. This series can support 2-node HA cluster. All the nodes in HA cluster are active. And resources from each node, such as NAS share folders, are able to be accessible in all the nodes.
PROWARE-proNAS 3.1 Enhances HA

Two-nodes HA Cluster:Logical Volumes in NAS-1 are replicated to NAS-2, and Logical Volumes of NAS-2 are replicated to NAS-1.

PROWARE-proNAS 3.1 Enhances HA

Two-nodes HA Cluster: Logical Volumes in NAS-1 are replicated to NAS-2, Logical Volumes of NAS-2 are replicated to NAS-3,and Logical Volumes of NAS-3 are replicated to NAS-1.

When one NAS node becomes unavailable due to a problem such as hardware failure, there is about 5 minutes fail-over time for the Virtual IP of failing NAS node. After about 5 minutes, the remaining NAS node will take over and the Virtual IP of the failing NAS node will become accessible again.
PROWARE-proNAS 3.1 Enhances HA

Two-node HA Cluster

PROWARE-proNAS 3.1 Enhances HA

One Node Failed in HA Cluster

For example, in a 2-node HA cluster, when server A fails, after fail-over to server B, the resources (i.e. Logical Volumes and share folders) from server A will be accessible again from server B. Connect/access using the same Virtual IP of server A.
With HA enabled funciton, Unifosa proNAS 3.1 series can be considered as a perfect solution of data protection by providing full of flexibility in disaster recovery and business continuity.

Key features:

  • Up to 2 nodes active/standby high-availability service for storage
  • Using Synchronous Mirroring to ensure data security
  • Using Heart Beat to detect, monitor and automatically initiate a failover operation to transfer the data service to its partner storage systems
  • Ensuring no service down time when any NAS server failed
  • The following proNAS models are with HA supported:

    6G SAS NAS:
  • 2U 12-Bay (EN-2126JS6T-SQX)
  • 3U 16-Bay (EN-3166JS6T-SQX)

  • 12G SAS NAS:
  • 2U 12-Bay (EN-2126JSCT-SQX)
  • 3U 16-Bay (EN-3166JSCT-SQX)

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