May. 20, 2016
UNIFOSA Delivers a New Software Defined Storage Solution at Computex
【Taipei,May. 20th, 2016】UNIFOSA CORP. today released the new product Mars 201,which offers unified storage solutions to integrate file, block, and object level storage into one unified storage system.
By integrating file, block, and object level protocols and Openstack, Mars 201 offers one solution to support easy to build-up cluster, Thin provisioning for better storage efficiency and Data protection for Self healing without data-loss. Moreover, ARM-based architecture gives the benefit for 60% plus saving on power and system cooling.
UNIFOSA ’s software defined storage appliance is powered by ARM based microserver cluster. This gives you tremendous TCO reduction by using much efficient hardware platform, the unit designed for no single point of failure.

The main features of ARM based microserver cluster:

  • Dedicate resource on CPU, DRAM, Network and Storage bandwidth for every single storage device to provide stable performance
  • Aggregates network bandwidth to eliminate the bottleneck in a very low cost way
  • One microserver connects to only one storage device reduces the lost of single server node
  • Reduce cooling cost of your server room as it generates much less heat
  • Benefit low power and low hardware cost of the hardware
  • Tony Change, Product Manager at UNIFOSA Corp. mentioned: “The architecture provides each storage device with its own low-cost, low-power consumption ARM-based microserver. Mars 201 is an 8-node cluster that uses Ceph and GlusterFS to provide software-defined storage for object, block, and file storage.”
    For details, please contact us to get more information. You may also visit us at Computex stand J1117 from the May 31 to June 4, 2016 at TWTC-Nangang Hall, 1F.

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