May. 12, 2016
UNIFOSA Announces Now Support Self-Encrypting Drives
Taipei,May. 12th, 2016】What would happen if your disk drive were lost or stolen? When data at rest is encrypted and encryption keys are secure, the threats of financial loss and damage to your company’s reputation are significantly lowered. UNIFOSA now supports Self-Encryption Drive to include privacy of the information residing on our storage system products. We offer both a hardware encryption and key management appliances. It appliance encrypts data at rest in the data path and can be deployed without disrupting the host or storage environment.
The users just download the latest firmware to make sure you have access to SED advantages. These include greatly enhanced data security due to drive-specific encryption, protection against drive theft or misplacement, and guaranteed safe and complete data removal.
SEDs are one of the information security industry's best kept secrets. It solves many common data loss problems, are easy to use and manage with minimal impact on system performance. At the most basic level, SEDs provide hardware-based data security by continuously scrambling data using a key, as it is written to the drive, and then descrambling the data with the key as the data is retrieved, giving users a high level of data protection. The contents of an SED is always encrypted and the encryption keys are themselves encrypted and protected in hardware that cannot be accessed by other parts of the system.
UNIFOSA SED support is added to the latest firmware for user friendly access to this powerful solution. Please contact us for more information.

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