Successful Stories-Surveillance

UNIFOSA Safeguards Health Centre Safety

ASTER MEDICAL CENTRE provides one-stop medical facilities and healthcare services to the people. There are six polyclinics conveniently location.
The comprehensive services range from the management of acute and chronic medical conditions, health education, corporate medicals, childhood immunisation, health screening and vaccinations, X-ray and laboratory services to minor surgical procedures.

As one of the biggest medical institution in Qatar, ASTER MEDICAL CENTRE has six clinics spread all over the area. They decide install camera to ensure the safety and implement of Al Hilal and Musherib branch as first priority. 43 and 35 cameras are installed separately in place as surveillance system. One of the challenges they faced, as well as most industries do when choosing surveillance system is the difficult consideration to cost effective and expansion ability due to government regulation for 120 days. Buyers are often faced with the problem of capacity and budget issue.

As major storage total solution provider, UNIFOSA will not just provide hardware, NAS associated with SAS JBOD for data duplication, but also, software such as proNAS for the above-mentioned two issues such as budget and huge capacity.

To solve the issue of capacity, UNIFOSA suggests to launch proNAS 3.0 as iSCSI NAS for data access and to affix with SAS JBOD to store enormous data set from digital camera at real time. 6Gb SAS NAS will be the optimal choice for ASTER MEDICAL CENTRE since proNAS 3.0 consists of SAS host port for high-speed advantage and under the budget concern. As an all-in-one solution, proNAS 3.0 can be used as DAS as direct storage or NAS via internet access for data storage. Within iSCSI target, it is capable of creating IP SAN environment for the concern of public facilities. Consequently, immense video steaming can be transferred from DVR/NVR system through IP SAN at the stable and high-speed. UNIFOSA ’s NAS family not only supports volume clone, snapshot, remote replication, encryption, and data copy for options, which are all designed to secure precious data at rest. 3 nodes active/active high-availability service for storage which ensures no service down time when any NAS server failed and all volumes can be configured with thin provisioning to optimize storage capacity and further reduce cost. User can monitor NAS system remotely through App, both Android and Apple, on mobile devices.

With the flexibility proNAS offered, ASTER MEDICAL CENTRE was able to provide their employees with a secure working environment and also enables them to meet local health and safety requirements.