Successful Stories-Surveillance

Proware help South Korea Government Agency build up the surveillance system for public security.

South Korea government agency takes responsible of public safety at traffic, public facilities, and personnel safety in the most metro area including the capital of South Korea, Seoul. To secure citizen’s safety and data-recovery, South Korea Government agency requests high speed internet for fast and immediate support.

To reach the above ideal goal, South Korea leads in the number of DSL connections per head worldwide. ADSL is standard, but VDSL has started growing quickly. ADSL commonly offers speed [U] of 2 Mbit/s to 8 Mbit/s, with VDSL accordingly faster. The large proportion of South Korea's population living in apartment blocks helps the spread of DSL, as does a high penetration of consumer electronics in general. Special "Cyber" Apartment buildings have speed of up to 100 Mbit/s.

The Internet has a higher status for many Koreans than it does in the West, and the government actively supports this. South Korean broadband is the most advanced in the world. By 2005, it was the first country to complete the conversion from dial-up to broadband and also has the cheapest, fastest broadband on the planet. Now there are experiments with speeds of 1 Gigabit per second. Additionally, in 2005 96.8% of South Korean mobile phone had internet access. Lately, In January 2006, it became the first country to achieve over 50% broadband penetration per capita.

South Korea is one of the top 3 countries with high speed bandwidth and wide coverage area, so internet access can be used anywhere, so the networking system with surveillance solution with networking support will be the first priority for public facility.

  • Korea Government Agency (police department, traffic department, and fire department)
  • Surveillance solution with DVR/NVR.                                                                            
  • Large capacity at 48TB for data duplication
  • Easy to maintain and cost-effective
  • To enhance and strengthen the living quality of metro area in South Korea, South Korea Government agency requests to monitor unsecured area in major city. Therefore, they can either foresee or handle the emergency issue in real time.
  • As major storage total solution provider, Proware will not just provide hardware, SAS NAS associated with SAS JBOD for data duplication, but also, software such as proNAS for the above-mentioned two issues such as data duplication and huge capacity.

    To solve the issue of huge capacity, Proware suggests to launch SAS NAS such as SN-3163S3H-QX of Simbolo series for data access and to affix with two SAS JBOD to store enormous data set from digital camera at real time. SAS NAS will be the optimal choice for South Korea Government Agency since SN-3163S3H-QX consists of SAS host port for high-speed advantage and under the budget concern. As an all-in-one solution, SN-3163S3H-QX can be used as DAS as direct storage or NAS via internet access for data storage. Within iSCSI target, it is capable of creating IP SAN environment for the concern of public facilities. Consequently, immense video steaming can be transferred from DVR/NVR system through IP SAN at the stable and high-speed. Proware’s NAS family can also support Tape, DAT backup and scheduling backup for easy-to-maintain, and also implement M.A.I.D. as the optional power-saving for long-term usage.

    With 3Gb SAS channel host interfaces, SB-3163J-S3S3 supporting the choice of SAS and SATA II drive configurations to deliver the best cost-performance index with higher bandwidth based on South Korea Government’s needs. Consider the future expansion of the growing disk volume, the capability to mix SAS and SATA drives allows the SB-3163J-S3S3 to be used for a range of applications that require different price/performance characteristic since cost-effective SATA drives can be selected for capacity orientated storage such as disk-to-disk backup and the storage of reference data. Higher specification SAS drives can be employed for I/O intensive applications including transactional databases.

    To solve the issue of data duplication, Proware provides hardware as solutions, but also provides proNAS with major and needed functions such as Rsync and Duplication inside to enhance data protection. The total solution Proware provided is not just focus on performance but also budget concerns since cost-effective is always the most crucial key for government agency. Clearly, customer service including maintenance and technical support is the major competitive advantage of which Proware consists and insists.