Successful Stories-Online Transaction

Proware helps Japan online printing firm to fasten its server process via NAS subsystem, SN-3163 SAS NAS.

This client was a printing company which owns physical stores for years, but it has seen online business as a climbing trend, which also referred as e-commerce, based on internet users are growing in Japan. Thus, the client implemented its on-line printing service into its business model, and they are just right about it. However, the visitors and work flow is extremely increasing after the serviced launched, leading heavy work load and rising expenditure for paper work.

Documents digitalization and semi-auto processing are its next goals to reduce the operating expenditure and complicated working process.

  • Printing firms is capable of online transaction Process (OLTP)
  • File Server.                                                                            
  • To reach semi-auto and documents digitalization, the client not just need an ingenious server to process all the data flow, but also need HA for data back-up as the optional choice just in case data crash or lost since the website visitors and incoming orders and daily growing.
  • Reduce the cost of personnel’s working load and paper work.
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of ordering process
  • Based on client’s needs, Proware provided SN-3163 SAS NAS as the server to process all the data flow from web server and AP server, and deliver it to the right department for next step.

    After receiving orders from website users, web server and AP server will process pre-ordering, and all the data will be identified and classified into Proware’s proNAS subsystem.

    Through the internal internet, every Windows-based user can access the needed files from proNAS, and put them into more applications such as ordering, modification, and even reworking. Data are essential to this client, but data are online processing, which means if there is any unexpected shut down will eliminate all the process or even single file. Thus, the client also takes the advantage of HA from SN-3163 SAS NAS to reduce all the risks.

    Clearly, online printing firms will process lots large files (at least over 100 MB), so SN 3163 can satisfy this client’s needs and secure the data safety via Proware’ hardware RAID controller.