Introduction – The Unique Unifosa

Established in 1994, Unifosa is the only ODM/OEM company in Taiwan dedicated to notebook memory modules and niche product memory modules, and has the production capabilities in both DRAM and FLASH memories. Unifosa’s business strategy in notebook memory modules, in particular, has some unique advantages in the industry that will ensure the continuing growth of the company.

A Strategy Based on Steady Growth and Focus

Given the high business cycle risks in the memory business, and after the global DRAM storm in 2000, Unifosa set forth a transformation process to hedge its bets and ensure its continuing success. As a principle, business risk reduction took priority over profit. And to differentiate itself, quality in technology became the core value of the company. With that, a business and product strategy was formed - steady growth, with a focus on the core value of quality technology. Further it was evident then that the notebook business had the most promising growth. As a result, beginning 2001, the company began to move into the lower risk, higher technical barrier sectors in the ODM/OEM market, with a focus on higher value added and higher growth notebook market, as well as the market for high end niche memory modules. Today, Unifosa is a memory module supplier dedicated to the major notebook manufacturers in the country, and is well positioned for a steady growth into the future.

Competitive Advantages with Comprehensive Certification

At a time when Taiwan memory module manufacturers are entering the international market place, Unifosa believes that product quality is the key to customer loyalty, as well as a competitive advantage. This belief runs from R&D, production, quality control, to after-sale service. Under this policy for quality – “Professionalism is key to customer satisfaction” – Unifosa has succeeded in gaining the business of the tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers of notebook computers and mother boards, as well as major OEMs and brand owners in the country. Under this philosophy, Unifosa has also become the most certified ODM module manufacturer in Taiwan, gaining attention from top memory module manufacturers around the world, while raising the bar for competition and solidifying the company’s competitive advantage and future growth. Further, the business cycle fluctuation has become more predictable as global computer brand owners increasingly outsource to Taiwan to cut cost. At the same time, Taiwanese branded computers have been increasing their market share and shipments around the world. These market developments are very positive for Unifosa’s future growth.

Competitive Advantages through Dedication to NB Memory Modules

Due to the size constraint and enclosed nature, as well as the requirement to certify each model, not only the heat dissipation capabilities of memory module need to be very high, but the standards for product compatibility and quality are similarly demanding. As a result, the standards for R&D and production are very different from those for desktop computers, making NB memory modules significantly more specialized than those for desktops. Unifosa’s belief in focusing on the core value has allowed it to focus on the higher value-added NB memory module right from the beginning of the company’s transformation. Today, the company has successfully gained some technological superiority in the industry.

In addition, the narrowing price-performance gap between NB and DT, and the prevalence of handheld device will continue to fuel the growth of NB far in excess of the growth for DT. Given its market position today, Unifosa should continue to thrive and grow well into the future.

Diversification to Enhance Competitiveness

To meet the challenges in a changing market with the proliferation of cloud computing, Unifosa has decided to merge with PROWARE TECHNOLOGY CORP. on January 1, 2013. With this merger, the company has managed to diversify into Nand FLASH memory, a technology that the company believes will be widely used in storage devices in the future. By entering the magnetic storage device market, the company accomplishes a few objectives – business diversification, business expansion, and cost reduction through synergy, and increased competitive advantage.

Development of people as another basis for Sustainable Growth

Unifosa’s success in its transformation in the highly competitive industry and its ability to embark on a steady growth path is only possible because of its people – outstanding and loyal employees. Hence the company will continue to build upon a win-win-win formula for the company, employees and shareholders, especially in building an environment in which the employees can realize his or her maximum potential, to learn and develop throughout the career, and in aligning the interest of its people with that of the company.