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Update:06 / 16 / 2016

Applied Model
File (.ZIP)
Release Note History
1.50-120305  (346K) Release Note  
SP-403AA 1.45-080626  (283K) Release Note History
DP-503AA / DP-500AA
DP-503UA / DP-503WA
1.48-100104  (310K) Release Note History
1.48-100104  (366K) Release Note History
DP-500SI 1.38-051004  (365K) Release Note History
DP-430SI 1.08A  (146K) Release Note History
DP-405CI 1.38-051004  (365K) Release Note History
1.38-051028  (315K)
(For Linux 2.6.1x)
Release note
(For Linux 2.6.1x)
DP-405UI 1.38-051004  (365K) Release Note
DataPlum-E3 3.2T  (231K) Release Note  
DataPlum-03L 2.1W  (268K) Release Note  
DataPlum-SL 4.29Q  (S)(295K) Release Note History



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