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Model: proNAS 2.0.XX (Linux26 based, Software RAID)



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New Feature

1.      Create RAID can select instant ready (without initialization).

2.      Added new options for iSCSI to enable “Write Cache” on Initiator..

Quick Setup

1.     Added “QuickStart” option for create RAID without initialize on “Quick Setup”.


1.     Restart SAMBA and NFS when mount extend storage (USB, ESATA, 1394).

2.     Fixed iSCSI name checking issue (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

3.     When create RAID 5 and 6 displays “It takes time” message.


1.     Fixed can't create user if the same group name exists.

2.     Added quota checking, 0 (disable) to 2097152 (max.) MB.


1.     Restart service when DNS changed.

2.     Fixed ALB mode cancel issue.

3.     Fixed FTP port nil issue.


1.     Disabled 'execute now' button when do backup.

2.     Added backup path checking for SAMBA and NFS format.


1.     Force to do filesystem check while upgrade and booting.

2.     Support NTFS (read only).




New Feature

1.      Add “QLauch” – Quick NAS Finding - utility support.

2.      Add “Printer Server” support.

3.      Add IEEE-1394(Firewire) support and detect

4.      Add “Photo Album” support.

5.      Add “WEB” (Apache) support (include SSL).

6.      Add “P2P” (BT) support.


1.      Upgrade kernel to

2.      Upgrade iscsitarget to 0.4.16

3.      Upgrade xfsprogs to 2.10.1-1.

4.      Upgrade libcap to 2.13.

Quick Setup

1.      Shows reboot confirm window after init VG or “Quick Setup”.

2.      Change “Quick Setup” progress bar with more detail progress status.

3.      Added “space char” checking when create account/group/share/volume/quick setup share.

4.      Fixed “Quick Setup” with Chinese share name issue, only accept with English String now.


1.      Added eSATA detect. (500A-CM model only)

2.      Added new disk status "BACKUP".

3.      Added display reboot confirm window after init VG or “Quick Setup”.

4.      Added progress bar when create/delete/extend volume/restore ISCSI.

5.      Added display confirm message when join disk to VG.

6.      Added display error message when create spare without exist raid.

7.      Added display warning confirm all share will be destroy after enable iSCSI

8.      Added display error message for extend if raid is busy.

9.      Fixed check size when create spare.

10.  Fixed check size of “home”. (include “Quick Setup”).

11.  Fixed create spare fail.

12.  Fixed check size on extend volume.

13.  Fixed check disk number on create RAID1.

14.  Fixed a bug that the second raid device will display in free disk when create a new raid.

15.  Fixed check “space char” when create account/group/share/volume/quick setup share.

16.  Fixed display wrong raid level for level 10.

17.  Fixed remove disk in slot 4 and the disk in slot 5 will also be removed.

18.  Fixed insert disk in slot 5, but GUI shows wrong slot number.

19.  Fixed issue that volume can't be deleted if name is "lv" "tr"...etc

20.  Fixed admin can't delete un-used raid.

21.  Fixed USB storage detects issue.

22.  Fixed GUI hang issue when create duplicate volume name.

23.  Fixed all protocol setting will be removed after deleted a volume.

24.  Modified the raid level "Linear" to “JBOD”.

25.  Modified can create RAID0 or JBOD with only one disk.

26.  Modified label "enable" to "iSCSI enable" for iSCSI.

27.  Modified restart iSCSI service after extend.

28.  Modified RAID1 didn't support extends.

29.  Modified deny delete in-used raid.

30.  Modified remove all shares when volume is set to iSCSI.

31.  Tuned iSCSI window

32.  Remove unused SCSI drivers.


1.      Added new disk status icons.

2.      Added fan and temperature icons

3.      Add support USB UPS.

4.      Add DLNA “Quick Setup” for LAN device.

5.      Added timeout check box for disable/enable auto logout when timeout.

6.      Added support the number display when time can be rotated in GUI, include set schedule.

7.      Added email addresses format check.

8.      Added input ftp format check when user try to get upgrade list.

9.      Fixed get upgrade file list without ftp path.

10.  Fixed typo timeout

11.  Fixed log shifting error after changed date

12.  Fixed admin can't export log.

13.  Fixed new services not show up after upgrade from 2.0.00 version.

14.  Fix P2P share change issue.

15.  Fixed issue that p2p service sometimes still set wrong link.

16.  Modified time setting” and “serial setting” with one apply and reset button.

17.  Modified even string "disk full" to "volume full"

18.  Modify disable the “COM2”.

19.  Modified user can set new NTP server.

20.  Modified shows more clear CPU info in text field

21.  Modified separate FTP, TELNET service.


1.      Added change port of telnet/ftp.

2.      Added checking when enables DLNA service without quick config.

3.      Fixed some torrent can't be loaded.

4.      Fixed some torrent can't add the download list

5.      Fixed an issue that WEB/P2P/Photo ... service can't be stopped after remove all shares.


1.      Added default system reserved name checking when create account/group.

2.      Added confirm message when user try to delete account/group

3.      Added a space char checking when create account/group/share/volume/quick setup share

4.      Added name duplicate checking when create account/group.

5.      Fixed that admin can't assign Domain account to share ACL.

6.      Fixed an issue that admin can't modify domain name and DNS suffix after disjoin domain.

7.      Modified wrong message when create account if no VG.

8.      Disabled edit password and full-name for windows accounts

9.      No need to password checks if user modifies account without input password.

10.  Show error message if user try delete account/group without select item.

11.  Show match error if password and confirm password string are not match.

12.  Show correct error message when user try create account without VG.


1.      Added display confirm message when delete share.

2.      Added the default “*.*.*.*” and users group in share permission.

3.      Added check IP format in share permission.

4.      Fixed a bug that user can't select IP to the permission table if no IP input.

5.      Fixed a bug that after create share the samba max connection is always 10.

6.      Fixed bug gets wrong permission IP after update share IP ACL.

7.      Fixed bug user can't access their home with samba.

8.      Fixed the GUI show domain UID/GID in share permission when lost connection.

9.      Fixed a bug that NFS configuration not updates after modify NFS subtree_check option.

10.  Fixed rsync default config will be empty after create share.

11.  Modified the user can't modify share name.

12.  Removed option NFS "allow root" in IP permission.

13.  Set default of IP with read/write selected.


1.      Added NIS server detects error.

2.      Added check for P2P option.

3.      Added join domain check.

4.      Added check that at least one network device is set on-boot.

5.      Added check if enable service/ join ADS without creates VG.

6.      Added set LAN device in DLNA configuration

7.      Added display MAC address info.

8.      Fixed that system will get error if user disable auto detects ADS but no IP address exists.

9.      Fixed an issue that domain account/group not import if join domain first time.

10.  Fixed create/cancel trunking issue.

11.  Fixed can't logon after change IP.

12.  Fixed check on-boot option with bonding device.

13.  Upgrade r8168 to 8.009.00.

14.  Show info if join or leave domain successfully.

15.  Remove unused network drivers.


1.      Added select share in backup list table

2.      Added check duplicate name for backup plan.

3.      Added check schedule time.

4.      Add error log for rsync backup.

5.      Add mouse tip when backup and choose samba or NFS.

6.      Added display global status which shows doing backup/restore and rsync if is busy, otherwise show no

7.      Added check free disk for backup to local disk.

8.      Fixed time display issue in schedule backup when set time to 23:59.

9.      Fixed I18N bug when delete backup plan.

10.  Fixed free disk only supports one backup plan.

11.  Fixed can't restore.

12.  Fixed bug with NFS restore.

13.  Fixed bug for rsync upload/download mode.

14.  Modify mount SMB with “lfs” option.

15.  Modify mount NFS with option "nolock" for backup/restore

16.  Removed "Goto:" backup schedule

17.  Show error message when save remote backup/rsync without setting.


1.      Added Japanese, Korean support

2.      Added support "enter" key in first login page.

3.      Add support that jump to first tab when click each manager.

4.      Updated iSCSI I18N string

5.      Update disk online/offline icons.

6.      Redirect to the first page of “System Manager” if admin timeout and re-login.


3.     Add support 1U 4 bay.

4.     Fixed upgrade from USB cause out of space error if no VG.   

5.     Fixed some etc file is read-only.

6.     Fixed “QLauch” server can't be detected and executed after changed IP.

7.     Modify “ushare” script.

8.     Modified ushare configure for video/music can be play by ps3 and Xbox at the same time.

9.     Modified grub configure for improve performance.

10.    Fixed display incorrect IP info in LCD if net device is disabled.

11.    Add ping checking in countdown page.

12.    Added support that jump to the correct page after create new account/group.

13.    Added support that browser can detect if server reboot/shutdown or reboot2default.

14.    Added checking that user can't create duplicated account/group




1.  Formal Release.