Software Release History


Model: proNAS (Linux2.4 based)



Release Date

Change Log




1.      Update /lib/ and /lib/security/



System Manager

1.      Add signature option in afpd.conf while appletalk service startup.

2.      Allow configure without gateway.

3.      Setup gateway only if no gateway configured when startup proNAS.

4.      Reset MRTG also clear previous history.

5.      Fixed Jerusalem timezone issue.

Account Manager

1.      Join domain issue if domain server has more then 2 IP address (LMHost name resolve order support)


1.      Fixed 1405P issue that unstable FAN fail detection in model SN-1405P. 

Share Manager

1.      Remove "write cache" in default samba config.         


2.      Hide raidmanager port number message after boot.

3.      Remove snapshots while booting.

4.      Upgrade samba. to version 3.0.22

5.      Change default SWAP from 300 => 1000 (valid after reboot2default).

6.      Change default NASLV from 80 => 256 (valid after reboot2default)

7.      Remove reboot2default function in LCD panel.

8.      Fixed an issue that ProBackup web can't show up with IE7.




1.      FTP service adds codepage support.


1.      NETATALK protocol now allows more than one group.
2.      Fixed issue that GUI sometimes got time out error while updating ACL.
3.      Fixed a bug that option for share space is empty in Japanese.

File Manager

1.      Fixed issue that subfolder config should be clean after applying ACL.
RAID Manager
1.      Fixed bug webpage of raid manager may not found after upgrade to 1.0.18.


1.      Shutdown time extend to 60 seconds for wait writing controller cache before system halt and power down.
2.      Do sync disk every 30 seconds.
3.      Force to check and repair volume NASLV at boot time.




1.      Fixed a problem that group permission may not work if there's a lot of member in the group, its glibc limitation (200 entries, 1024 characters), that cause system can not map to the group. 

2.      Fixed a bug that removed member in group not detected after press refresh. 

3.      Fixed a problem that check /etc/group may hang when startup proNAS service if there's a group has lot of members. (100+) 

4.      Fixed a bug that ACL setting in samba configuration file not update after leave domain. 


1.      Fixed an issue that wrong temperature detected with model SN-4120. 


1.      Owner of files and folder will change to share owner when apply ACL instead of change to root. 


1.      Samba version upgrade to 3.0.14a to improve compatibility with window server. 

2.      Apache error log path change from /usr/httpd/logs > /var/log/. 

3.      Apache Service upgrade to 1.3.31 that fixed some secure issues. 

4.      Add "disable spoolss = yes" in samba configurations for disable printer sharing. 

File Manager

1.      Fixed a issue that Domain user can not upload files, share displays also happen in this case, the reason is the case of logon character is not match. 


1.      Fixed a bug that schedule task may not work. (VisualClient updated) 

2.      Do sync and sleep 20 for writing controller cache before system halt. 

3.      No need to write model in DOM if proNAS service can detect itself. It's dangerous to open this files if power failure. 

4.      Change boot procedure, no more config in DOM. 

5.      Backup configuration to disk when create/delete/extend share. 

6.      Force to reload LVM configurations if detected MD without VG while boot. 

7.      Check configuration backup file before save in disk.




1.      Upgrade built-in proBackup to 1.43, to fixed backup wizard not functional and fixed can not do differential backup


1.      Fixed issue that group which has a lot of account may not functional

File Manager:

1.      Fixed remove account/group permission could not functional.




1.      Add support SN-2123P and SN-2803P




1.      Fixed FAN speed display issue for DN-405P.

2.      Fixed gateway check issue for eth0.

3.      Fixed FAN detects issue for SN-3168P.


2.      Remove default ACL for ‘default users’ and ‘default domain users’.


3.      Support set different event type by different model.




1.      Fixed the character number of domain name now support up to 15.


1.      Fixed SN-2805P LCD now can display power status.




1.      Fixed SN-3143P FAN speed detects error.

2.      Change the FAN speed detects methods.


1.      Change to ignore finger checking and the boot up time should be shorter.


1.      Apply ACL – this will reset the share ACL to default.

2.      GUI will reject users and display warning message when the free VG size less than 10%.

3.      The share could not be extending if the free VG space less than 1%.

4.      Change the default shares description.

5.      The default shares description can be edit.


1.      Upgrade proBackup to version 1.4.2.

2.      Fixed Mac OS X 10.4 could not login


1.      Support more than 8 free disks.


1.      Add SN-3163P support.

2.      Fixed NIS timeout issue.

3.      Fixed SN-2805P event notify issue

4.      Change the GUI tab color.




1.      Support change COM 1 baud rate. 

2.      Add gateway checking for eth0's before startup proNAS, and set default gateway if no one detected.

3.      Add network mask prefix checking between IP and gateway.

4.      Add "reboot and file system checking" button, that will enable to check XFS file system while boot.


1.      Fixed startup quota checking on EXT3 file system.

2.      Fixed import Solaris NIS accounts may hang by java.

3.      Fixed import NIS/ADS/PDC will got timeout error if there're more than 100,000 files and directories exists on shares.


1.      ACL setting on new subfolders or files will be inheriting parent's ACL.

2.      Fixed volume may not mount after extended ext3 file system.

3.      Fixed edit the share will got timeout error if there're more than 100,000 files and directories exists on shares.


1.      Upgrade AppleTalk to version 2.0.2.

2.      Upgrade proBackup to version 1.4.

3.      Upgrade Samba to version 3.0.11.

4.      Upgrade Veritas Backup exec UNIX agent to version 5.046.

5.      Enable quick config for AppleTalk service to support character encoding for MAC OS 9 client.

6.      Change samba default config "debug timestamp = yes" to "debug timestamp = no".


1.      Fixed user can create a VG without name.

2.      Disable EXT3 File System option when create VG.


1.      Fixed restore system data from GUI will fail if the source file is compressed. (tar.gz)

File Manager:

1.      Fixed samba password won't be changed after user changed password.

2.      Fixed user quotas checking when upload a file.


1.      Fixed GUI can't update after power fail for SN2805 model.

2.      Fixed FAN fail LED in the back of FAN module on SN-3143 and SN-4120.

3.      Auto restart proNAS if LCD bind proNAS server fail.




1.      Fixed a bug that restore network configuration may get EOF Exception.


1.      Fixed the bug that users who imported from NT PDC server can't login proNAS. 

2.      Fixed the bug that quota class of PDC/ADS accounts sometimes are reset to default.

3.      ADS/PCD accounts now can logon shares with their logon ID only, not "domain\" leading anymore.

4.      AppleTalk accounts now can logon with passwords more than 8 characters.


1.      The size of home share now can be manually extended as desired. It is desirable while using ext3 file system since it may take too much time to auto-extend volume size.


1.      Upgrade Samba version to 3.0.9.


1.      Add E-mail notification of Hardware monitor support. 

2.      Add send mail test button.


1.      The backup destination now also includes the local free disk and USB PNP storage device.

2.      The source archive path while restore now could be changed as desired.


1.      Temperature now also shows Fahrenheit scale in GUI and LCD.

2.      Add a new LCD menu to show the power status.

3.      Fixed a bug that "1500" may show if DHCP server is down.


1.      Added support of SN-3168P.

2.      Add support of Korean Language.

3.      Fixed a bug that logon may fail if intranet has different version of proNAS running.




1.      Fixed wrong quota size display in account view.


1.      Fixed when drag and drop a free disk to Free-Disk node.


1.      Added support of SN-4120P without I2C.




1.          Fixed the java read-time-out issue while fail to activate ADS/PDC directory service sometimes.

2.          Fixed a bug that join PDC with native mode will fail if they edit the domain name and DNS suffix before initialize proNASVG.

3.          Fixed a bug that progress bar may not close after join ADS/PDC.

4.          Fixed a bug that enable then disable native mode PDC, the DNS suffix setting will gone. (when proNAS restart).

5.          Fixed a bug that enable or disable ADS/PDC in quick setup did not work properly.

6.          The sorting of various lists now can sort Unicode characters correctly.

7.          Add smaller account quota size support.


1.          Fixed the issue that the ACL set by Window Explorer were reset once a change made.

2.          Add email notification about share's free space usage.


1.          Add SSH service support.

2.          Add the support of NFS locking.


1.          Add report manager which can generate CSV report about shares and accounts.

2.          Add email subscription about share's free space usage.

3.          Add hostname and IP information in email content.

File Manager:

1.          Fixed the problem of wrong timestamps displaying by different time zone.


1.          Fixed the problem of wrong time displaying by different time zone.


1.          Fixed a bug that admin may logon proNAS GUI without password.

2.          Increased the time interval of probing other proNAS from 1 sec to 60 sec to reduce network loading.

3.          Supported the redundant powers of SN-2805.

4.          Improved the fault tolerant of proNAS to a power failure without UPS.




1.          Fixed a bug that time zone does not work properly.

2.          Start-at-boot options of MRTG now automatically restart a new session.

3.          MRTG will automatically restart after changed eth0's IP.

4.          Upgraded netatalk to 2.0-beta2 which support UTF-8, long file name and large file size for AppleTalk protocol.

5.          Added the support of SAMBA options, “dos charset” CP932 and "unix charset” EUC-JP..


1.          The name of account and group now support '.' '_' and '-'.

2.          Removed account's last logon time.

3.          Added the default "users" group.

4.          Fixed serious bug that proNAS may hang if it could not connect to ADS/PDC server while enabling ADS/PDC directory service.

5.          Added the support of native ADS directory service.


1.          Fixed a serious bug that shares become invalid while disable Novell's home or public shares.

2.          Added the support of non-strict ACL option.

3.          ACL entries are increased to 27.

4.          Share name allow special Japanese character support.


1.          Fixed the issue that join the first disk to proNASVG may display error message.   


1.          New color code display format.


1.          Added the support of backup deletion by admin. 

2.          Fixed the issue that do schedule backup with more than two devices at the same time and some devices may has no response.


1.          Support of download patch file by client machine first. This will improve upgrade procedure with firewall.


1.          Improve LCD's display messages while doing reboot, shutdown, reset-to-default, and change IP.

File Manager:

1.          Fixed the display issue while downloading files with non-ACSII names.

2.          Make file manager aware of the disable/enable of public and home share.

3.          Fixed the bug that set ACL with some PDC groups will fail.


1.          USB storage is supported for optional firmware upgrade solution.

2.          Fixed serious issues that power off while create share will lost config.




1.          Fixed a bug that PDC accounts can access other PDC accounts' home directory. 

2.          Added the support of Unicode PDC login ID and full name.


1.          Fixed a bug the files and directories created by share owners via CIFS were root, not share owners.


1.          Removed the quick configuration of Samba that is not necessary to Samba 3. 

2.          Upgrade Samba version to 3.0.2a.


1.          Fixed a wrong word "Wen" => "Wed" when set schedule backup. 

2.          Fixed a bug that failed the restore of a VG or Share from tape.


1.          Changed the time of event log from GMT to locale time.

File Manager:

1.          Added a new feature that allow share owner to do access right control upon subfolders of shares. 

2.          Added the support of display correct multi-byte characters of file names and directories. 

3.          Changed the group of uploaded files in a project share from root to users.


1.          Add multiple WINS setting support that multiple IPs of WINS are separated by the space.


1.          Fixed a bug that could not display the decimal of temperature and voltage correctly.


1.          Add the option of "--passive-ftp" for wget to work better with firewalls.


1.          Added the support of SN-2805 

2.          Added the support of DN-405




1.          Fixed a bug that reset proNAS to factor default while immediately shutdown or reboot proNAS after creating a share.

2.          Added a shutdown progress bar that warns admin not to power off until it disappears.


1.          Added the restriction that the quota class name consists of letters, digits, and underscore only. 

2.          Fixed a bug that GUI will not update after changed PDC admin and password. 


1.          Fixed a bug that shows incorrect error message while creating a share whose size is larger than free size of VG . 

2.          Fixed a bug that GUI may show timeout error while creating or expanding a large space of share.  

3.          The home and public share now can configure to not-sharing.


1.          Added the support of large file, 2G bytes and above, for CIFS sharing. 

2.          Added a watchdog to restart SNMP/MRTG once it goes down abnormally. 

3.          Fixed a bug that stop NFS service after join NIS.


1.          Added a notice that space required for snapshot backup if the remains size is lower than expected. 

2.          Fixed a bug that may fail the restore of shares and VG. 

3.          Added a warning if trying to backup a on-going backup shares and VG.


1.          Upgrade Intel e100 driver to version 2.3.40. 

2.          Upgrade Intel e1000 driver to version 

3.          Upgrade Intel iANS driver to version 3.0.1. 

4.          Set the factory default of gateway to for LAN0. 

5.          Removed the display of unique gateway in network setting. 

6.          Added the support to display IP and netmask for a DHCP LAN port.


1.          Added a restriction on LCD operation that the IP, netmask, and gateway only range from 0 to 255. 

2.          Added an LCD notice while doing some time consuming commands, like reboot. 

3.          Added a LCD menu to display power status for SN-3143 and SN-4120. 

4.          Showing booting message on LCD when proNAS boots up.


1.          Added the suppport of Japanese. 

2.          Added a refresh button for SNMP monitoring to display latest info.


1.          Fixed a bug that FAN's LED will not light up when its RPM is lower than 1000. (SN-3140/SN-3143).

2.          Fixed the false alarm of fan fail. (SN-3143).


1.          Added the support of SN-4120.



Formal Release