Firmware Release History


Model: U160/FC2G to U160 4 CHL. (80303)(9910)




Firmware Date

Release Date





1.      Fixed AIX 5.2 and RS/6000 U320 card reboot cannot detect RAID issue.

2.      Fixed cannot recognize disks if disk channel speed set to 80MB/s or less.

3.      Fixed Domain Validation failed problem.

4.      Fixed IBM HD (ESXSST3146707LC F/W: B26B) issue.




1.      Add SCSI standard inquiry report SN.

2.      Report capacity for Solaris.

3.      Fixed negotiate problem when use AIX.

4.      Fixed PSB series expansion chassis issue.

5.      Distinguish the SCSI command and other SCSI command type.




1.      Support TSR46, TSR60 configuration.

2.      Support GUI protocol from SCSI and Fibre.

3.      Support function of slices auto map to host channel when quick setup an Array and its capacity over 2TB.

4.      RAID capacity over 2TB up to 32TB.

5.      Fixed SAF-TE issue.

6.      Fixed lost ‘User Params”.

7.      FC: Modify translation rule for serial number to WWN.




1.      Support SB-3160SS backplane.

2.      Support GUI command Fun thru Monitor port.

3.      Support dual SAF-TE in one host channel.

4.      FC: Support FC Access LED Light.

5.      FC: Update FC RISC code. (3.01.20)

6.      FC: Support FC-4 type registering.

7.      FC: Enable Out-of-Ordering Frame.

8.      FC: Display current hard loop id while setting.

9.      FC: Add FC data rate menu option.

10. Fixed GUI get page 0 HiM field.

11. Fix Solaris 9.0 with Qlogic SCSI HBA compatible problem.

12. Fix SCSI Unexpected TimeOut problem when use SGI.

13. FC: Fixed multiple read capacity command problem.

14. FC: Fixed "Task Set Full".

15. FC: Fixed invalid mode sense data.

16. FC: Report LUN command won't clear unit attention.

17. FC: Fixed false response of LUN >= 8.

18. FC: Individual LUN vendor information.

19. FC: Change the order of SAN Mapping setting.

20. FC: Replenish command resource count when a CTIO fail.

21. FC: FC ports have the same WWNN which differs with WWPN.

22. FC: Modify the rule of the WW port name.

23. FC: LUN Mask option which just save and needn't restart system.