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EPICa Series EP-4429J/JD-S3A3
JBOD Enclosure Solution
※ Modular Design With Common Parts
‧ Inventory control efficiency
‧ Cost-saving benefits to the end-user
‧ Optimal space placement design (42 bays within 4U) makes the      best Cost-effective.
※ Power Supply & Airflow
‧ 600W x 3 units Redundancy Power Supplies to meet the future      HDD power consumption
‧ Max. 400CFM Airflow Redirector to eliminate pockets of dead air
     to prevent overheating of the system
※ Enclosure
‧ Modules are interchangeable with other Epica products
‧ Hardware expansion slots keeps you up-to-date on the latest      technologies
‧ Incorporates a cableless design for maximum signal integrity
‧ Utilizes industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services to monitor      enclosure and disk environmental conditions

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The EPICa EP-4429J/JD-S3A3 is Proware's most versatile SATA II Disk Expansion system, ideal for midrange and high capacity storage in Windows environments. Based on 3Gb SAS Channel host interfaces, the EP-4429J/JD-S3A3 supporting the most popular SATA II (Serial ATA) drive disk to deliver a system bandwidth of up to 1,200MB/sec.

The EP-4429J/JD-S3A3 features high capacity expansion, with 42 hot-swappable SATA II hard disk drive bays in a 19-inch 4U rackmount unit, scaling to a maximum storage capacity in the terabyte range. EPICa’s enclosure is designed for maximum expandability and flexibility.

EPICa uses only common modules. For any system to be able to meet the needs of future requirements, expandability is essential. Epica was designed for future expandability. EPICa incorporates a cableless design which means less connectors are used. Less connectors result in better signal stability. In addition, EPICa uses hi-quality connectors for maximum signal integrity.

Every system needs an environmental control system to regulate the internal environment of the subsystem. EPICa 's SES is the mainstay of environment control. With SES you have a proven standard protocol for environmental control.

EP-4429J-S3A3 / EP-4429JD-S3A3
4U 19" rackmount chassis
Host Bus Interface
4 lane SAS x 1 / 4 lane SAS x 2 (with Redundancy JBOD controller)
Up to 300MB/s per Channel>
Disk Bus Interface
3.0 Gb SATA II
3Gb SATA II Single BP
# of Hot Swap Tray
Tray Lock
Yes, w/ Lock Indicator
Disk Status Indicator
Access/Fail LED w/170°C view
42 TB (at 1TB SATA II drive)
Enclosure Monitoring (SES)
In Band SES via SAS
# of PS/Fan Modules
600W x 3 w/PFC
# of Fans per Module
2 (Multi-speed)
Max. Air Flow
400 CFM
Power Status Indicate
Fan Status Indicate
Air Flow Redirector
Power Requirementsr
AC 90V ~ 254V Full Range
10A ~ 5A at 110V/220V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Relative Humidity
10% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Operating Temp
10°C ~ 40°C (50°F ~ 104°F)
Physical Dimensions
752.4(L) x 482.6(W) x 176(H)mm
45.1 Kg / 46.1 Kg


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