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EPICa Series EP-3166J-S3S3
JBOD Enclosure Solution
※ Modular Design with Common Parts
‧ Inventory control efficiency
‧ Cost-saving benefits to the end-user
※ Power Supply
‧ Power Supply and cooling system contained in 1 module for      efficient cooling
‧ 500W power supplies to meet the future HDD power           consumption
※ Enclosure
‧ Modules are interchangeable with other EPICa products
‧ Hardware expansion slots keeps you up-to-date on the latest      technologies
‧ Incorporates a cableless design for maximum signal integrity
‧ Utilizes industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services to monitor      enclosure and disk environmental conditions

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The EPICa EP-3166J-S3S3 is Proware's most versatile SAS/SATA II Disk Expansion system, ideal for midrange and high capacity storage demand. Based on 3Gb SAS Channel host interfaces, the EP-3166J-S3S3 supporting the choice of SAS and SATA II drive configurations to deliver a system bandwidth of up to 1,200 MB/sec.

The ability to mix SAS and SATA drives allows the EP-3166J-S3S3 to be used for a range of applications that require different price/performance characteristics. Cost-effective SATA drives can be selected for capacity orientated storage such as disk-to-disk backup and the storage of reference data. Higher specification SAS drives can be employed for I/O intensive applications including transactional databases. Hosting multiple tiers of data in an EP-3166J-S3S3 configuration gives organizations the flexibility to meet both their technical requirements and budgetary constraints with a single unified solution.

3U 19" rackmount chassis
Host Bus Interface
4 Lane SAS 3.0Gb x 1
Up to 300 MB/s per Lane
Expansion Bus Interface
4 Lane SAS 3.0Gb x 1
Up to 300 MB/s per Lane
Disk Bus Interface
3.0 Gb SAS
# of Hot Swap Tray
Tray Lock
Yes, w/ Lock Indicator
Disk Status Indicator
Access / Fail LED w/ 170o view
Enclosure Monitoring (SES)
In Band SES via SAS
# of PS/Fan Modules
500W x 2 w/PFC
# of Fans per Module
2 (Multi-speed)
Max. Air Flow
210 CFM
Power Status Indicate
Fan Status Indicate
Power Requirementsr
AC 90V ~ 264V Full Range
9A ~ 4.5A, 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Relative Humidity
10% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Operating Temp
10°C ~ 40°C (50°F ~ 104°F)
Physical Dimensions
590(L) x 482(W) x 131(H) mm
24 Kg (without drices)


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