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UNIFOSA debuts 12Gb SAS Enterprise NAS
Enabling a high-availability, affordable unified storage system for SMB
【Taipei, Taiwan, December 18th, 2015】 UNIFOSA CORP. announced the release of 12Gb SAS rackmount NAS, including 2U 12Bay EN-2126JSCT-SQX and 3U 16Bay EN-3166JSCT-SQX, which offers optimized performance, complete data protection, and efficient storage utilization based on an easy-to-use centralized management interface for business users.
The 12Gb SAS-enabled NAS is equipped with quad-core Xeon E3 v3 processor and 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM (expandable up to 32GB) to deliver high performance. This Unified storage architecture allows file and block access in one. There are various host interface such as 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet, 8Gb/s Fiber channel, or 16Gb/s Fiber channel for options, so it’s very flexible for users to adopt the necessary interface to meet their specific application requirements. Besides, there are 12Gb SAS JBODs for options as well in order to scale up the total capacity; users can expand total capacity up to 128 drives, or over 1PB, via SAS JBODs.
Features such as advanced data protection and efficient storage utilization ensure the fast 12Gb SAS NAS series can meet the demands for SMB environments. Those features include RAID level 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 for data protection, SSD caching to speed up data access, thin provisioning, compression and deduplication for greater storage space utilization and efficiency. Featuring high availability, the EN-xxxxJSCT-SQX series supports up to 2 nodes active/standby high-availability (HA) service for storage which ensures no service down time when any NAS server failed. The HA service can automatically initiate a failover operation to transfer the data service to its partner storage systems to ensure data security.
With Central manager, users can configure, monitor, and manage multiple proNAS units from a single and convenient portal. Using centralized management reduces administrative complexity, simplifies and speeds-up configuration management by connecting multiple NAS units to minimize management efforts.
The EN-xxxxJSCT-SQX series supports virtualization station (VM on NAS) and VMware VAAI to speed up performance under VMware environment. With virtualization station, users can create multiple virtual machines with various operating systems such as Windows and Linux on the same NAS system, which saves lots of cost and ease server management aside from setting up several physical servers. Besides, VMware VAAI support can speed up VMware I/O operation when NAS applied to ESXi environment. This can greatly reduce resource overhead on server and further improve performance for storage intensive operations.
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