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UNIFOSA Showcase Complete Line of Storage Solutions at Computex 2015
12Gb SAS ultra-high speed takes you to a new era of the most powerful storage
【Taipei,June. 2nd , 2015】 UNIFOSA CORP. announces that it will showcase complete line of 12Gb SAS storage solutions for applications including data center applications, video edition, Windows Storage Space, and virtualization applications, at Computex 2015 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 1th Floor, Booth J1205 from June 2 - 6.
High performance for versatile applications
Featuring a full range of high density solutions, UNIFOSA’s 12Gb SAS storage comes redundant hardware design optimized for high capacity, expandability and outstanding performance. UNIFOSA will showcase a portfolio of storage solutions that comes with great mechanical design to ensure no-single-point-of-failure from storage while provides an easy solution to scale up storage capacity up to petabytes and can easily be integrated into versatile applications.
The SAS storage accommodates the latest SAS 12Gb interface which boosts up the throughput up to 4,800MB/s per host and provides enough bandwidth to support full HD and non-interlaced 4K video streams. It offers the smooth and sustainable performance needed for high resolution post production and VFX workflows. UNIFOSA will showcase the professional storage platform that will help creative professionals be 4K-ready, real-time playback of complex visual effect compositions and reach high track counts in editing.
UNIFOSA’s SAS JBOD completed the verification process to ensure seamless compatibility with Windows Server 2012 and assure users good performance and agility for deployment in Windows Server environment. UNIFOSA will showcase 12Gb SAS JBOD can be flexibly attached and assigned to multiple Windows servers and users can take advantage of the Storage Space to flexibly allocate the storage resources.
Integrated Virtualization Center
UNIFOSA’s unified storage supports virtualization station (VM on NAS) and VMware VAAI to speed up performance under VMware environment. With virtualization station, you can create multiple virtual machines with various operating systems such as Windows and Linux on the same NAS system, which saves lots of cost and ease server management aside from setting up several physical servers. Besides, VMware VAAI support can speed up VMware I/O operation when NAS applied to ESXi environment. This can greatly reduce resource overhead on server and further improve performance for storage intensive operations.
About Proware by UNIFOSA 
Since 1994, Proware by Unifosa, is one of the leading storage vendors in the world and is always eager to provide customers and partners the best storage solution which meet their demand and specific application based on our over 20 years domain know-how and engineering experience. We’ll never stop moving forward to provide better and nicer storage solutions! For further information, please visit official site:  www.proware.com.tw

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