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         TAIPEI, TAIWAN (January 5th , 2012) — Proware is awarded the honor of Symbol of Excellence -- an annual selection for
Taiwan's best-designed, most innovative, and highest-quality products. This year, the Proware‘s EP-4643 Series (4U/64bays
high density RAID subsystem) brought home the reputable Taiwan Excellence Award 2012. The Award of Taiwan Excellence
today is the highest accolade awarded to Taiwan products that encapsulate innovalue. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence heralds
Taiwan's ascent to world-class quality in product innovation, design and manufacturing, representing the highest standards
which Taiwan products must meet to maintain its competitive edge in the global markets.
         The award winning EPICa EP-4643, the first High Density Solution in global storage market, EP-4643 provides the benefits
at cost-saving of supplies, space, and power consumption. EP-4643 coupled with advanced hardware design, modular
architecture, easy and intuitive management and exceptional price-performance. The EP-4643 offers high performance density
and excellent energy efficiency.
         The EP-4643 can house up to 64 SAS/SATA hard disk drives in a compact 4U chassis, and come in either dual or single
controller configurations. The EPICa 4U 64-bay SAS RAID storage features 8Gb F/C (EP-4643S/D-F8S6) or 6Gb SAS (EP-
4643S/D-S6S6) host performance to offer an extremely powerful storage solution, for those who need high capacity, high
performance and a fault tolerance storage solution. EP-4643 also provides modular design with common part to bring two
exclusive advantages, Inventory control efficiency and cost-saving benefits to the users. EP-4643 can be easily maintain without
opening the upper case in cabinets, which means enterprise users can save maintenance cost and time when machines
         Epica is a story about commitment; a long-term commitment to excellence and innovation. Our company has always
continues to strive in the production of specialized, patented and high value added products as one of our highest priority for
upgrading our value to the next level.
About Proware
Since 1994, Proware Technology Corp., a leader in the data storage marketplace, has been developing and supplying high availability, drive ready storage solutions for the channels and OEM customers in the Windows & open systems markets. Proware provides storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market. With a full range of RAID storage products, NAS solutions & iSCSI solutions, Proware offers complete solutions for all of your needs. Our products provide all storage interfaces including SAS, SCSI, iSCSI, SATA and Fibre Channel. Proware also offers high availability auto fail-over server (cluster) software that runs on software platforms such as Windows NT, 2008, Vista,7, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and etc. Proware is awarded the National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises. For further information, please visit Proware’s official site: www.proware.com.tw, or visit the official site of international resellers.

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