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Proware will attend IBC 2008 to expand D-market in Europe
Offer energy-efficient storage for D-Cinema, Digital Signage and IPTV market
【Global,Sep 12th】
EP-4429-F4A3 for mass entertainment such as 3D/Digital Cinema

“Europe market is the emerging market for digital cinema is distinct from high-definition television and in particular, is not dependent on using television or HDTV standards, aspect ratios, or frame rates. HDTV and pre-recorded HD disks could put pressure on movie theaters to offer something to compete with the home HD experience, ” said by Tony Chang, Senior product manager in Proware Technology, “To reach the increasing needs of the high-definition of D-Cinema, Proware’s EP-4429-F4A3, associated with Fibre channel to satisfy the need of high speeds to distribute and project motion pictures.”
EP-3169-F4S3 for multi-applications of Digital Signage

With the widest application of digital signage in Europe market, Proware will like to introduce EP-3169-F4S3 to the Europe market.  Due to that, EP-3169-F4S3 can be used for multi-applications of digital signage market while the world is embracing digital signage as an emerging market, especially China currently leads the world in the number of digital signage displays deployed at a collective market capitalization of over US$10B based on the following applications: flight/train information at airport and station, advertisement in chain stores, and even brand building at directed operated stores.
DP-503 UA for entertainment-oriented life such as IPTV

In the past, total European IPTV subscriber base is expected to more than double from 2006 to reach 1.9 Million in 2007. However, in 2008, IPTV will show the strongest average yearly growth to 2012 out of all the digital TV platforms in the regions, growing at around 28% yearly to reach nearly 23mn by 2012. One of benefit from IPTV is storable, so Proware will provide DP-503 UA to store high volume of video streaming for more convenie
Exhibition information

Proware Technology Corp will expect your coming at Hall 1, E83 from Sep 12th to Sep 16th.
please feel free to visit official site http://www.ibc.org as if you have any further question related to exhibition.
About Proware

Since 1994, Proware Technology Corp., a leader in the data storage marketplace, has been developing and supplying high availability, drive ready storage solutions for the channels and OEM customers in the Windows & open systems markets. Proware provides storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market. With a full range of RAID storage products, NAS Solutions & iSCSI Solutions, Proware offers complete solutions for all of your needs. Our products provide all storage interfaces including SAS, SCSI, iSCSI, SATA and Fibre Channel. Proware also offers high availability auto fail-over server (cluster) software that runs on software platforms such as Windows NT, 2000, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and etc. Proware is awarded the National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises.。For further information, please visit Proware’s official site: www.proware.com.tw,or visit the official site of international resellers.
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